Running, eating, and reading about running and eating

Recently I sat outside for a few hours and started Eat & Run by Scott Jurek.


It was SO SO GOOD that I stayed up late for the next couple nights to finish it and am now inspired to up my game and cover some longer distances on trails.  Scott is the main ultra marathoner featured in Born to Run by Chris McDougall, and well, if you haven’t read that – you just must.  Both are NY Times Best Sellers and Born to Run really got my engine stoked to keep running, and besides being full of great characters and enjoyable adventures, helped me think about how to change my form and breath to make my troll-like body start running more efficiently.  But back to Eat & Run – I loved this book because it has funny characters and is well written, well laid out, has recipes at the end of each mini-chapter, and is just such a wonderful story of an endearing and humble person who has achieved some crazy amazing feats of human endurance.  Whether or not you are a runner or plant-based curious – this book is good fuel for your mind and it will get you off the couch – its 9 bucks on amazon which is worth it if only for the recipes, but I guarantee you will love the story.  I’ve started following Scott on social media and hope to some day actually meet him at a speaking engagement.  I’ve told everyone I can about this book, and now, my three dear followers, you know too.

I’ve also recently bought some other books – plant-based cookbooks and running/fitness related – which I am eager to gnaw through.

I am going to go have second helping of my version of the Macro Bowl from Keepin It Kind.  See you soon.