Fridge Meal

So our first flight on the way to St. Pete was cancelled (not totally sure why) but we’re rescheduled to go out very early tomorrow.  Assuming we get out alright tomorrow, it will all have worked out fine because I spent a much needed day at home today, decompressing, cleaning and, most importantly, spacing out on the couch.  I also had to use up some perishables and threw together this lunch which was very satisfying after a slow three mile jog.


I had a sweet potato, garlic, onion and kale.  I also had some cilantro that was on the verge of going bad and some frozen mixed mushrooms.


I started with the onions and then garlic (smashed with the smasher) into the pan on med heat with oil.  This is how you should start out almost every meal even if you don’t know what you’re making (I learned this from both of my parents).  Then I added the bag of shrooms and seasoned with salt, cumin and chili powder.  I then added some cooked quinoa that I had in the fridge and squirted some lime juice in.

Lastly added the kale, and folded in.


Made a mexi-drizzle out of these ingredients, along with some cilantro.  Topped it off with avocado and bam!  Lunch.


Tough to leave this guy with the sitter today.


Wish us luck on Sunday while we run out little hearts out!  XX

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