Liquid Sunshine

It’s gray again here today and we had snow overnight (BLAH).  To help combat the sunday/winter/gray day blues, the last few weekends I have taken the time to make orange-grapefruit-ginger juice and it is well worth the effort of peeling two bags of citrus – trust me!  There is no real secret to it – just buy a bag of grapefruit and one bag of oranges (any kind but to make it a little easier on yourself, shoot for varieties that are easy to peel).  Alternatively, you can peel with a paring knife and it doesn’t need to be pretty.  Peel some big chunks of fresh ginger root and add them into the mix when you shove everything in the juicer.  I can’t tell you how happy this juice makes me and how wonderful it tastes.  I also stretch it a little by adding some water – or you can cut it with some bubbly water for a fresh drink! Go make some!


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