6 days until FL!

This week I suddenly developed a pretty bad case of shin splints after I did a hill/sprint workout on the Casco Bay Bridge with my trainer on Wednesday. (Yowser! I hadn’t had those since high school soccer).  I took it easy the rest of the week because I am headed to Florida on a few days with my aunt to visit my beloved sister and run a half marathon.  WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

My faithful running partner and I did about 4 and a half miles around town today before the rain started.  Here he is waiting outside while I get a towel to wipe down the muddy water and sand from his paws and his undercarriage.


The mercury dropped a bit and it started raining this afternoon.  We took some epics naps after getting cleaned up and this afternoon I wanted someone to bring me a healthy dinner while I spaced out on the couch.  Short of that I had to whip something up and this little meal came together in a jiffy:
Took a Food for Life sprouted grain wrap, spread on a little Vegenaise (with lemon juice, ground pepper and horseradish).  Sprinkled on some baby spinach, red cabbage and shallots (cabbage and shallots sliced thin on the mandolin slicer). Topped with some pre-made roasted red pepper felafel balls I’d picked up at the grocery store to try.  I had warmed these in the cast iron skillet until they were crispy on the outside and then broke them apart for the roll up.


Well it turned out to be just delightful!  tangy zip, crunch, spicy shallots, crispy greens.

While the rain turns into a sloppy March snow, I am headed back to the couch for a Netflix binge watching marathon of Psych.

Hugs and kisses.  

3 thoughts on “6 days until FL!

  1. Mary Bass Poulin

    Can’t wait for Florida either! Snowstorm here today with scared dog in my lap as the snow falls off the roofs. (Why did we do just four days??!?!?) Loving the falafels!

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