Simple Weeknight Meal

I know I am in good company when I say that at this point in the winter, I am pretty burned out from the daily grind and cold weather.  But things are looking brighter.  Today we had temps in the mid 40s and the sun was shining – in Maine in March, this practically feels like summer.  Smiles from strangers I passed on my run.  People wearing significantly fewer clothing items.  Sidewalks are revealing themselves for safer passage.  Birds everywhere. Positive vibe in the air.

I even thought in my flop on the couch that I would just nibble for dinner, but I knew I was lacking a lunch for tomorrow so I threw together my latest favorite meal.  And I’m SO glad I did.  It didn’t take but a few minutes, and not only did I get a nice dinner to enjoy, I have a lovely lunch for tomorrow.


This is so easy and you can sub in rice or pasta, whatever is close at hand.  Green bean and brussels work well too.

1.  Put your seed/grain/pasta on to boil

2.  Chop LOTS and LOTS of fresh garlic and ginger – here is an idea of how much I like


3.  Chop broccoli


4.  Olive oil in the pan, medium heat, with garlic and ginger – 5 min

5.  Add broccoli stirring to coat in the yummy goodness of garlic and ginger.  Season with soy sauce and a drizzle of sesame oil to taste.  Cover for a few min here and there to get broccoli to steam/cook.  sample it many times to determine crunchiness of broccoli and amount of sesame oil needed.

6.  Wipe up the dog drool from the kitchen floor.

7.  Scoop quinoa/pasta/rice onto your plate, top with broccoli mixture and cashews.  add a dash more soy if you like.

8.  Pour a glass of wine and eat while watching Entertainment Tonight, partially blocked by dog’s face (drooling).

XX Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “Simple Weeknight Meal

  1. sue gerry

    Hi Hannah,
    This recipe looks great. Gonna try it tonight, minus the doggy drool, though I would love to have Zipper standing by.
    Have fun in Florida with Molly, et al.
    Love ya, Sue


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